Tournament Structure

The ESL UK Premiership will feature three qualifiers per game that are open to all UK and Irish residents over on ESL Play. Each qualifier will have a maximum capacity of 128 teams, and will run over the course of two days. The top two teams from each qualifier will be promoted into one of two group stages, with the final two teams being invited directly into the competition, or via the NUEL.

The group stages will be played out in a double elimination format, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the offline final at London’s MCM Comic Con.


To participate in this competition you and your team have to qualify through one of three qualifiers, which can be found over on the website, within the Counter-Stike:Global Offensive or the League of Legends portals. Each team has to contain a majority roster from the United Kingdom and/or Ireland to be eligible for participation. University teams can qualifier for the League of Legends group stages via the NUEL.


Sign-up to the CS:GO qualifiers today:

  • 23/02/2015 - Qualifier #1 - Sign-up
  • 02/03/2015 - Qualifier #2 - Sign-up
  • 09/03/2015 - Qualifier #3 - Sign-up

Sign-up to the LoL qualifiers today:

  • 16/03/2015 - Qualifier #1 - Sign-up
  • 23/03/2015 - Qualifier #2 - Sign-up
  • 30/03/2015 - Qualifier #3 - Sign-up