Un'goro is in, two players are heading out
Un'goro is released tonight and how will that shake up the meta game moving into the 3rd week of the season.

We're two weeks into an explosive Hearthstone season and we've seen some of the big names in UK Hearthstone falling to the bottom of the Swiss.

With only one life remaining for our 0-2 players Falcone, Cipher, Jambre and HelixFossil, wins this week are absolutely essential if they want to make it to the finals at MCM Comic Con in Leicester or they'll be walking away with nothing.

Our middle standings (1-1) is populated by 8 players and features a mixture of old and new names to the Premiership. HGC Winter Championship qualifer Greensheep joins season 1 champion BoarControl and two time finalist Mysterious on one win and one loss after a default loss in week 1 against JammyJMG. 

Newcomer ItsPieMan beat Jambre in week 1, earning himself week 1's SanDisk MVP nomination, before falling 1-3 to HelloLeeroy.



Our 2-0 players are sitting pretty at the top of the standings but there is still all to play for as a single victory will grant them a spot in our playoff elimination bracket. Veteran teammates HelloLeeroy and Osha meet in week 3 and are joined by Duncan and xl3en after they beat Falcone/Ness and BoarControl/Danswf respectively to get here.

Journey to Un'goro

With the expansion set to release tonight it's all going to be shaken up as our favourite explorer heads off on his latest adventure and kills the Reno variant of decks dead in the water. However with over 100 new cards, a new mechanic in adapt and plenty of quests for our players to complete, it will be an exciting week for our deck builders.

With Jambre and BoarControl well known for their deck building prowess how will the competitors cope with the influx of new cards?