The ESL Premiership Spring Season Split, Powered by Windows 10 and ASUS ROG
We are excited to announce ASUS ROG as our Spring Split sponsor for Hearthstone!

We are excited to announce that ASUS Republic of Gamers are joining Windows 10 as an official sponsor for the Premiership Spring Split.

With our Hearthstone season underway the partnership with ASUS helps take the Premiership to the next level with the latest hardware available to support the state-of-the-art operating system from Windows 10.

The strongest players in the UK and Ireland are competing across the seven week group stage before convening in London to battle it out for the ESL Premiership title at MCM Comic Con, where we’ll be joined by our partners and sponsors across the weekend of May 26th-28th!

Windows is undoubtedly an essential component in competitive gaming. We are very excited to add ASUS Republic of Gamers to the ESL Premiership. Coupled with the latest operating system, the most elite gamers in the UK and Ireland will play out highly competitive matches harnessing the power of the next generation gaming platform by Microsoft.James Dean, MD at ESL UK

“ASUS Republic of Gamers is excited to be a headline sponsor of the ESL Hearthstone tournament 2017. If you are able to attend the finals at Comic-Con 2017, then make sure to find the ROG/Microsoft booth where you can try our latest gaming products.” ASUS UK

Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK Marketing Director, says: “Microsoft is delighted to be the official partner of the ESL UK Premiership in 2017 and to be a part of the world’s largest eSports community. Windows 10, which is the best Windows ever for gaming, is the official operating system in all ESL tournament PCs to provide the best competitive experience for gamers.”

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