ESL Premiership Qualifiers: The UK Legion
David Hollingsworth analyses the UK teams looking for Premiership Qualification

Three months feels like so long ago, a better time filled with joy but fear not, we're back with the Autumn season!

With the return of the ESL Premiership getting closer by the day, we take a look at a few of the sides who will be looking to compete and weigh up their options at this early stage.

MnM Gaming

Champions and all around dominance in the UK scene, MnM Gaming will look to return to the ESL Premiership to defend their title in the autumn season. Having clinched the title in the Spring and sadly missing on making it to the EUCS despite investing in a gaming house for the duration of their Qualification.

The team looks a little different right now from the one that won the Spring Split with a current roster for the UK Masters of Rifty, Candyfloss, Energysus, Toaster and Adam. They look promising so far and it will be interesting to see how the team manages in the ESL Premiership if MnM decide to run this roster.

Even with the new look players, it would be mad to not have faith in MnM when it comes to UK League of Legends, so regardless of their roster on paper, MnM will be people's favourite to make it to the LAN final.

exceL eSports

Finishing in 3rd place in the 2017 Spring Split, falling to get a series win in crucial games and ending a few too many games in a series draw, exceL have something to prove coming into autumn.

Their current rosters of Shikari, Taxer, Kruimel, Innaxe, Aux is a slightly new look from the old xL and the next few weeks will be telling for their roster as teams look ahead to the Autumn and their chance of UK glory in the ESL Premiership.

An overall solid roster, xL can surely expect to at least match their finish from last split and with some hard work and dedication the team can easily make it to the live finals this year.


Bulldog are old hat at this point in the UK scene, if a tournament is on you can be sure Bulldog will have their LoL team present at the event. A poor showing at the Spring Split ending in 7th place, Bulldog will need to improve on that and gain some of their success from previous splits and iseries events to challenge the UK LoL scene once more.

Bulldog will also compete in the UK Masters in the next few weeks and it could tell as a great deal about how Bulldog will fair in the ESL Summer Split, if they manage to qualify that is. Their current roster is as follows, Phawkes, J3T, Mooon, Faxulous, Raizins, a group of lads who will no doubt be looking to make their name in the UK scene and beyond.

I am forever an optimist, though my head says Bulldog will struggle but my heart wants to believe that they can step up and really mount a challenge on the UK LoL scene, an improvement on last split is a must and a top 4 finish is my prediction for Bulldog.

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David Hollingsworth