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The ESL Premiership Autumn Season 2017 Powered by Windows 10 and Alienware

Over the next 7 weeks we will see the best CS:GO action the UK and Ireland has to offer as our 8 teams battle through the round robin group stage every Monday from 7pm on Twitch

The top 4 will qualify for our Playoffs and then on to the Live finals to determine the Premiership Champions and the winner of coveted Mountain Dew League spot for season 26!

The ESL Premiership Autumn Season

Group Stage - Mondays 7-10pm - 17th July - 28th August

Best of 1 Format

That does it! @Fade2Karma's @BoarControl closes out the series 3-1 against @BigBenHS! #ESLPrem t.co/TOGnW6YLim
It's time for the final series of the evening between @BigBenHS & @BoarControl! #ESLPrem t.co/eap5ifN6Bd t.co/iHtcXrqKJn
Who would win: #ESLPrem Hearthstone Edition Giggling Inventor vs @Lethal_HT t.co/dISwwH2eWP
Comeback complete! @Kat__HS wins Game 5 and takes the series 3-2 to survive in the #ESLPrem! t.co/6dD3UpYg99
We're underway with the third series of the evening between @Westwith_HS & @Kat__HS! #ESLPrem… t.co/Mue5jxbTUN
Victory for @duncanmeltdown taking out @Osha_HS 3-1! #ESLPrem t.co/llAXCVkXTi
If only @Osha_HS pulled the Blood Knight earlier ???? @duncanmeltdown takes a 2-0 series lead! #ESLPrem… t.co/t0VkTxKU8V
Series number two is underway between @Osha_HS & @duncanmeltdown! #ESLPrem t.co/eap5ifN6Bd t.co/i2KfBnGY3v
Thanks to their continued support of the #ESLPrem, @AOC_Gaming have given us another 144hz Gaming Monitor to giveaw… t.co/9WV1jVik62
Swift victory for @JambreHS taking out @ColdhandsHS 3-0! GGWP ???? #ESLPrem t.co/gi4SMCxo4L