Pro League is coming to Denmark - Home of the world's best

ESL Pro League CS:GO Season 6 Finals, December 5-10 2017 Odense, Denmark

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  • Hellraisers
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Pro League Finals

ESL Pro League CS:GO is the longest running professional league for Counter-Strike. For its sixth season, the ESL Pro League finals are set to take place in Odense, Denmark on December 8-10, 2017 in front thousands of enthusiastic fans. The twelve best CS:GO teams from Europe and North America will battle it out for a total prize pool of US $1 million at the Sparekassen Fyn Arena. The event will turn into a great esports event with many great opportunities to interact and get involved.


You'll be part of the first big Counter-Strike event ever in Denmark, which is pretty fedt.

You'll witness all highlights happening live while viewers at home have ~3 minutes delay.

Your face will probably be shown in a crowdshot and you might get really famous. Maybe.

You get access to signing sessions, which is kind of like speed dating your favorite players.

You might hit r/globaloffensive's frontpage if you post a 5000 word post-event summary.

This is


Odense is Denmark’s third largest city with +200,000 inhabitants in the centre of Denmark. Today you can’t say Odense and not also say robots. We’re known as an important robotic city with more than 100 companies in the cluster Odense Robotics and the national test center for drones at the Hans Christian Andersen Airport.

If you come to Odense as a foreign employee you will be taken care of. International Community Odense is an initiative aimed at welcoming international employees and their families to Odense, helping them settle, and introducing them to social networks and activities around the city.

With a history dating back more than 1,000 years of history, Odense is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. A legacy dating from the Vikings, all the way into today’s transformation to a modern Danish city. Great companies, great educations, a lot of cultural activities, 261 parks and 540 km network of cycle paths are just some of the things that make Odense a great city in which to live, study, work and raise a family. See you in Odense!

Sparekassen Fyn Arena

Sparekassen Fyn Arena is the largest and most modern multi arena in Southern Denmark. A lot of concerts, exhibitions and fairs have taken place at Sparekassen Fyn Arena. The arena has room for 5,000 spectators and will act as the perfect setting for the ESL Finals.

We’ve developed to you who want to know much more about the possibilities of getting an education, a job in the tech and robot industry or just moving to Odense. We hope you’ll find The Road To Odense.