Immortals granted emergency transfer by WESA
The Immortals CSGO team has been granted an emergency transfer by the WESA Executive Board to be used in season 6 of ESL Pro League.

Update to transfer regulations

With the start of Season 6 ESL Pro League updated its transfer regulations, reducing the amount of transfers per team from four to two in order to ensure team stability and encourage a continuity of rosters. Consequently, teams were no longer allowed to change the core of their line-up throughout a season.

Being in effect for the first season, the updated transfer regulations turned out to not allow for emergency cases to be applied. This limitation has come to light as a result of a current situation surrounding Immortals.

As a consequence, the WESA Executive board has decided to amend the existing league transfer regulations with an additional paragraph allowing a third transfer in case of emergency (as deemed by the league administration).

If granted, the emergency transfer can only be executed by removing one of the previously added players from the roster again. This extension of the emergency rule helps to keep the initial intention of the new transfer regulations - teams can’t have more than two players on the roster that were not part of it at the beginning of the season.

The league administration has informed all participating teams of the league about this change.

Background on Immortals' Case:

The total number of transfers available to a team in any one season is two, per the rules of ESL Pro League.

However, in light of an extraordinary situation surrounding one of Immortals starting players, the team has asked the WESA Executive board for one additional, emergency transfer to be able to restructure responsibly.

Ruling and stipulation:

The WESA Executive Board has granted the emergency transfer via unanimous vote. It will carry the stipulation that the emergency transfer is only allowed if Immortals adds a new player while at the same time removing a previously added player from the roster. Furthermore, the Pro League rule which stipulates that new players are to be added 48 hours prior to a match is suspended in this case to allow Immortals to restructure and fulfill their commitment to their fans and competing as scheduled this week.