Overwatch - Season 1 Update!

With the Overwatch ESL AU & NZ Championship April Monthly Final around the corner, we’d like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the Overwatch program in Season 1.

The March Monthly Final saw Blank Esports (previously Fusion Girls) and Plot 1 quality for the Overwatch ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 1 Final. However, due to the fact that Blank Esports will be competing in Taipei in the Pacific Championship, they are unable to participate in the Finals on the 27th & 28th of May. As such they have forfeited their spot and the 2nd place team from the March Monthly Final, Plot 1, will move up to take their place as Seed #1 heading into the Finals event. In a similar fashion, the 3rd placing team from the March Monthly Final, Snakes, have been invited and accepted their spot at the Finals event, where they will hold Seed #2.

Heading into the April Monthly Final there has been a plethora of team changes that affect multiple out of the 8 teams qualified for the event. As such, to better serve the current state of the Overwatch community and not enforce any unwanted rosters, we have decided to waive any punitive rulings regarding roster change limits prior to the date of the April Monthly Final.

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